Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Author Mindy McGinnis Speaks at Upper Valley Career Center

Hey, I thought I would share that author Mindy McGinnis spoke at my school yesterday to virtually all of the junior and senior students (seven sessions plus two smaller group engagements).

She is an interesting and dynamic speaker and, if you ever get the opportunity to hear her, don't pass it up. The vast majority of my students were interested, if not riveted, to what she shared about her books, writing, and even her cats, plus the variety of questions she answered.

Most of the students read Not a Drop to Drink in preparation for her visit. It's an excellent read. One thing is that Mindy McGinnis writes in a host of genres from post apocalyptic and fantasy to contemporary.

If you might be interested, check out her website to see what she she's written.

Website: Mindy McGinnis