Thursday, May 17, 2018

Short Mystery Fiction Society Announces 2018 Derringer Award Winners

The Shorty Mystery Fiction Society has announced its Derringer Award winners for:

  Flash (Up to 1000 words)

  Short Story (1001 to 4000 words)

  Long Story (4001 to 8000 words)

  Novelette (8001 to 20,000 words)

Here's a link to the Announced Winners: Derringer Awards

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Amazon's Indifference and Gryphonwood/Adrenaline Press

As you may know, my publisher is Gryphonwood Press. Two days ago my publisher was accused by Amazon of violating its terms of service, and had all of its ebooks removed.

The allegation apparently centered around the belief (likely determined by one of Amazon's bots) that my publisher was engaged in activities related to inflating page reads with respect to Kindle Unlimited. Amazon is what Amazon is, a mega-large corporation that is largely indifferent to anyone or anything that is not of sufficient size affect its profits.

My publisher discussed what happened (based upon what my publisher absolutely did not do), the possible cause for the false accusation of violating Amazon's Terms of Service, the ramifications, and the results in the podcast Wood on Words, Episode 55.

Here are the links:
55- My Kindle Nightmare (Blog post where read the details, the back and forth and consequences)
Podcast: My Kindle Nightmare (discusses in more detail beginning at 14:43 into the episode).

The issue is not an isolated incident. It is affecting dozens of authors and publishers that I know of, and my connections in the publishing words are fairly limited. As for me, it has already had deleterious effects on my novels and reaching readers.

How bad and long-lasting is yet to be seen...which makes me feel extremely bad for those whose livelihood (like my publisher) is being negatively impacted.

** As of last night, the ebooks published by Gryphonwood/Adrenaline Press were returned by Amazon, and my publisher taking steps to ensure there will not be a recurrence.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Article: Is Being Dynamic Necessary?


Here's my most recent article that may be of interest to readers and writers. John Wayne, Dirty Harry, Lenny (from Of Mice and Men) and the characters in my Monsters, Maces and Magic novels: What do they have in common?

If you have a moment, find out by taking a look at my article.

Link: Is Being Dynamic Necessary?

Monday, April 9, 2018

Over 1,000,000 Words in Print

The publication of Monsters, Maces and Magic: Betrayal brings the total word count for my published fiction to 1,060,000!

Eight Novels (960,000 words)
Two Novellas (35,000 words)
One Short Story Collection (65,000 words)

I know that there are many authors out there that have far surpassed this mark. Maybe I'll catch a few of them in the next few years. We'll see!

Friday, April 6, 2018

LitRPG Podcast Review of Betrayal

The LitRPG Podcast did a review of Monsters, Maces and Magic: Betrayal.

It's what I expected from Ramon Mejia, the reviewer. It's not exactly the reviewer's cup of tea, but not a bad review either.

Take a quick look and see what you think.
(The video picks up right when the review of Betrayal begins)

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Monsters, Maces and Magic: Betrayal is Now Available

Hey Folks,

Betrayal, the 2nd novel in the Monsters, Maces and Magic Series is now Available!

Check it out and hope you enjoy Jax's second tale!

Direct Links:

Amazon US   Amazon US Print

Amazon UK

Amazon Australia

Amazon Canada

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon India

Amazon Spain

Friday, March 30, 2018

Looking Forward to Scourged by Kevin Hearne

I am looking forward to the release of Scourged, the final novel in the Iron Druid Chronicles (by Kevin Hearne). I actually have the hardcover and audiobook pre-ordered.

A prediction:
Atticus O'Sullivan (Siodhachan O Suileabhian) will die in the final novel during the battle to put down Loki's attempt to bring about Ragnarok, or the end of the world.

One of the main clues is that of the POV characters (all in first person), the telling (journal) of Atticus is written in past tense, while Granuaile's and Owen's are written in present tense.

Oberon was devastated when Atticus 'died' in Hunted, but now he has Orlaith and their litter of puppies to care for. It will give him purpose and the ability to move forward despite the loss of his long-time friend. Plus, a short tale in Besieged, both prepared Oberon for the potential loss while setting the stage for it.

Owen is busy rebuilding the druids with his current grove of apprentice druids, so the death of Atticus will not deprive the world of druids.

Granuaile will feel the loss, but the Morrigan's unnecessary 'sacrifice' in Hunted, while battling Diana and Artemis in order allow Atticus and company to escape, is actually part of her long-seeing plan to reunite with Atticus in the land of the dead. The Morrigan has repeatedly proven her vision of future events, such as providing placing Atticus's Arch Druid (Owen Kennedy) on the time island, with information that his youth could be returned to him, or giving Odin the gem to let him know of her death and the what actions he should undertake when that occurs, etc.

Okay, I could be wrong. We'll see. In any case, I expect Scourged will be an excellent read/listen.