Monday, March 8, 2010

Erica Hayes' Blurb for Flank Hawk

“A curious blend of epic fantasy, modern techno-thriller and non-stop action-adventure, Flank Hawk is a compelling and original tale of a brave young mercenary pitched in deadly magical combat against the undead techno-armies of the Necromancer King. Whether you like swashbuckling wizardry, fierce dragon battles, modern military hardware or sword-slashing zombie mayhem, Flank Hawk has it all.”
--Erica Hayes, author of the Shadowfae Chronicles

Erica's second novel Shadowglass was released by St. Martin's Press March 2, 2010!


  1. Nice praise you are getting for Flank Hawk. Many are going to anticipate the second book. Any thoughts for a third one?

  2. Wonderfully written blurb. Describes Flank Hawk nicely.

  3. Yes, Sandy and CHer. I think Erica did a great job!

    And yes, Sandy, I have a notion for a third novel, but I have to get the second novel in the First Civilization's Legacy series written. It's started and I'm making progress.