Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Unicorn song

Those raised in the era MP3s and digital downloading to iPods and other devices may not appreciate the difficulties more than a few years back when I was a kid, and one had to listen to the radio, hoping one of your favorite songs made it to the airwaves. Technically, one could call (dial) in and request, like everyone else, but when this song came out I was too young for that.

Yes, eventually there were records, 8-track tapes, then audio cassettes, later to be banished by CDs. They were expensive and I was a kid and, unless a favorite tune was on the radio station's regular play list, I was out of luck. Maybe that's why I don't really care much for music these days.

One song I do remember from the early 1970s was the The Unicorn by the Irish Rovers. I cannot remember exactly what show it was--a Lawrence Welk type program where they performed it. I did eventually pick up a cassette tape with the best of the Irish Rovers back in the late 1980s.

Here it is: The Unicorn song.

Maybe you remember it too. I guess it suggests my interest in reading and writing fantasy taking root even at an early age.

Around Christmas, I'll relay another favorite--but this one my mother would occasionally play from a vinyl LP record. There's also a Disney memory or two for future posts.


  1. " had to listen to the radio, hoping one of your favorite songs made it to the airwaves."

    When I told my kids I had to do this, they said "Poor you!"

    Oh how I love the techno age. ;)

  2. I thought for sure, I've never heard of this song before, but I was wrong! I clicked on the link and sure enough I remembered hearing it many times when I was a kid. As a kid I didn't have money to buy any media for music and would never think about asking my father, but I do remember playing the large and small, single records over and over again that were in the house. I never did ask my father if he or my mother had bought them. My father rarely bought music.

  3. Yes, times were tough back then. My daughter is always asking, "can we listen to that one again."
    "Nope. Sorry. We're listening to the radio."

  4. Yep, times were different. What will our kids tell their kids?

    "Hey, when I was a kid, I had to use my thumbs if I wanted to text."