Monday, January 17, 2011

National Debt

Is there anyone out there that doesn't see this as a problem?

The Gross National Debt

It works out to almost $50,000.00 owed per citizen. If you have 4 people in your household like me, that means almost $200,000.00, and rising.

Will the the politicians have the competency and courage to do what it takes to confront and address this problem?

Will the citizens support them?


  1. Um...I have eight people in my house! This is truly a frightening situation. I am doing my best to get good people into office with the courage to do something (Jason Chaffetz, and I hope our new senator Mike Lee.)

  2. Time will tell.

    And everyone is going to be affected by cuts one way or another. Or everyone will be affected by the unmanageable debt--but mostly our children and grandchildren.

  3. ...yet, we keep electing the people who created this mess. Why?

  4. We, in the general sense, yes, Dean.

    The majority of the 'we' indivduals are the ones continuing to look for the easy/free ride, hoping someone else will pay.

    It's worked up till now. Not for too much longer, whether we do something about it or not--crushing debt has a way of catching up to and punishing everyone, eventually.

  5. We may not even have hit the bottom yet. I listened to a couple of people talk about how weak the American dollar is and how so many of these 'gold companies' are popping up.

  6. Some say a weak dollar will enable us to 'repay' debt more easily. But it hurts our ability at home to purchase anything imported, such as oil.

    Gold has long been a standby to hedge against inflation and a weak dollar.