Monday, February 14, 2011

If You Love a Book and/or Author and Want to Help Spread the Word

"I loved your novel! What can I do to let others know about it too?"

I've heard avid readers ask this question, or a close variation, occasionally about Flank Hawk but with respect to other authors they enjoy reading as well. I suspect that this question crosses a reader's mind quite often, but they're simply at a loss as to what they can do.

I have a few standard suggestions and all of them fall within the scope the 30 ideas that an article at provides (see link below). But, instead of the article just providing a list, each suggestion is accompanied by an explanation. Some are common sense, such as 'Buy the book and encourage others to do so.' Other suggestions are not.

Give the article a look and see what you might be able to do. As I'm always happy to receive a little help, I'm more than confident other authors, whether debut or bestseller, would appreciate your assistance in spreading the word.

I will add that I am forever grateful to those friends, readers, and fellow authors who've helped me out so much--reviews, interviews, telling friends, giving me a heads-up for events, and more. You never know when or where a good deed will appear. The picture above shows a cookie given to me by Susan Swinehart, an investment professional who helps me and my wife out with our IRAs and other retirement investments (we're minor clients at best). Although I only see her twice a year, when she found out about Flank Hawk being published, the cookie showed up at my place of employment. Beyond that, I know she she spread the news about my novel, as a person from her office soon after showed up at a book event specifically to obtain signed copies for gifts.

Hopefully I've helped other authors out a fraction of how much I've been assisted, and I will continue to lend a hand where I can.

By the way, I've begun a project for this blog to interview authors. If you're an author (or know one), contact me so that we might put something together.


  1. Great blog. I just read the link you provided and it provides some excellent suggestions. I found one in particular very attractive...#5 Tell the author what you liked about the book. Such feedback is priceless to an author. It let's you know what you are doing right, so you can do more of it. When I get that kind of access to a reader, I also ask where I can improve my story...for the same reason, I want to improve my art.

    Thank you for this post...Dean

  2. That is so true, Dean. Feedback from readers is a valuable commodity.