Sunday, March 20, 2011

Awesome Authors I met at the Book Lover's Festival

A couple of questions to start with:

Who do you happen to sit down next to during breakfast or lunch at a writer's convention or festival? This, at least, a writer often has some ability to control.

With assigned seating during signings, which writer is placed to your right and to your left?

Who do you sit next to or connect with when on a discussion panel?

Sometimes I am fortunate. I say this because in my experience over 95% of the authors I've met are really nice people--willing to talk, share experiences and, when possible, direct readers your way. Other times I am very fortunate. At the most recent event, I feel as if I fell into in the 'very fortunate' category.

Here are just a few of the folks I met:

Elizabeth Vaughan sat to my left during the book signing session. I'd overheard during conversation earlier in the day that she was from my home town of Toledo and we connected even before the signing! And we both enjoyed the Bloodsong series by C. Dean Andersson (the author who's blurb is on the front of Flank Hawk). Elizabeth writes romance fantasy, with some great titles out there--a new one slated for release in April 2011.

I met Stephen Zimmer during a panel discussion on Fantasy/SF and Horror. He's an energetic and interesting guy with some cool fantasy titles out. He's going to be at ConCarolinas 2011 so I'll be sure to see that we cross paths again.

Bonnie Stewart sat to my right during the book signing. She's sharp and engaging and knows more than a bit about writing and publishing. If you like horror, especially Southern Gothic, check out her works. You won't be disappointed.

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