Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hampton Reviews review of Flank Hawk

Click on over and see what Hampton Reviews had to say about Flank Hawk where it earned 4.5 Stars.

Link: Review of Flank Hawk at Hampton Reviews

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  1. This review lacks depth. The reviewer said, "While the reader will feel suspense for what is going to happen next, there is very little tension tied specifically to the Krish himself; you will hope that he survives, but not feel any real dread over the possibility that he may not."

    What the hell did he read? There were numerous times when I felt tension for Krish's life. In addition, there were support characters who came into risk, both immediate and implied, and the reader experienced tension over their possible outcomes.

    My impression is that this reviewer failed to "read" the book, skimming it solely so he could write a shallow review. This genre is not one of my favorites, but I could not put the book down. From the action (that the reviewer correctly recognized), to the gripping scenes where Krish/Flank Hawk's life was at risk, this story was captivating from beginning to end.

    I give it 5 Star rating . . . or better yet, 10 Shakes from the Dean Sault 1-to-10 Review Shaker!

  2. Dean,

    Whenever I send off a novel for review, I never know what's going to come back. Every reader is different, although I tend to agree with your POV on this.

    I've had several readers email me and ask what Krish did in his down time, what were his hobbies/passtime activities and the like. They thought that should have been included in a chapter or two in the novel. I think this might be where the reviewer is coming from.

    While I could have done this, I didn't feel it was germane to the storyline, and including 10,000 words meant a lesser chance of finding a publisher.

    A few others thought that there should've been a spark of romance between Krish and Lilly. Again, just wasn't right for the storyline (or for the characters). But such comments indicate to me that there was a connection and the readers desired more rather than less.

  3. My answer to readers wanting "more" connection with the characters is, "You'll love the sequel!" lol