Saturday, September 17, 2011

First Political Event: Ponywagon Days Parade Sept. 2011

Me in my wife's Camaro ready for the Parade

My Wife Waving to the Crowd
 The funniest comment heard during the parade? A teen shouting: "Hey, what's a car like that doing in St. Paris?"


  1. Good luck in the elections. Very nice car.

  2. I wish you much luck in the upcoming election.

  3. Yes, Misha and Cher, my wife thinks it's very cool.

    Thank you for the well wishes all! It'll be a bit of an uphill struggle as I'm not 'well known' but it'll also interesting.

  4. Sweet car! I hope the parade was fun. Good luck with your campaign.

  5. " I'm not "well known' but..."
    Easy way to fix that. Have Kathleen lean lightly on te brakes, floor the accelerator and set up a cloud of tire smoke. You'll get every NASCAR vote inthe district! lol

    Good luck!

  6. I'll tell my wife you like her car too, Angie, and I'll relay the suggestion to my wife, Dean :)