Monday, April 23, 2012

Lilly of Flank Hawk and Enola of Waterworld

While I was grading the objective question section of quizzes last night, I also had on in the background Waterworld. Yes, that 1995 post-apocalyptic SF film staring Kevin Costner.

While watching the film, it struck me that the little girl, Enola (played by Tina Majorino), was just like Lilly (from my novel Flank Hawk) would've been as a child--spunky attitude and willingness to express her opinion (except Lilly obviously could swim).

Lilly from the cover of Flank Hawk

Enola (Tina Majorino) from Waterworld

Tina Majorino at about Lilly's Age
While there are some physical similarities, it's really the character attitude, actions and interactions in Waterworld that I found to be what I'd have imagined Lilly as a child.

Although I couldn't find clips of the several specific scenes that would best demonstrate my point, here's one that may remind you a bit if you've seen the movie.

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