Thursday, May 3, 2012

Next First Civilization's Legacy Novel: What Characters Would You Like to See Return?

Over at Flankers (an unofficial fan page for the First Civilization's Legacy novels), readers are discussing what character(s) they would like to see return in the next novel in the series, whose current working title is Soul Forge.

While the storyline is planned out, I don't do such down to every character action, and even what I plan sometimes changes. For example, the primary character, influential in Krish's (Flank Hawk's) life that dies near the end of Blood Sword, originally wasn't planned to be that character until about 3/5 of the way through the first draft.

So if you'd like a say, consider joining the discussion at Flankers, leave a comment here, or contact me through my website:

If you're a bit unsure, you can always give the What Character Are You? quiz a try over at my website and recommend that character.

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