Sunday, November 25, 2012

Underdog Books that You Probably Won't Find on the Bookstore Shelf

Below are some novels that are solid reads that you may not have stumbled across but might consider reading. I limited myself to six:

Young Adult:

The Zombie Driven Life by David Wood

My Take: A fast paced, humorous despite the zombie-Apocalypse, story about a teen nobody surviving and learning a bit about life and himself along the way. Overall a great story.

Hocus Focus by Stephen Hines

My Take: A creative story with depth (and freaky magical contact lenses) that's a bit YA gritty with fun turns in the plot.


 Equilibrium by Dora P. Archer

My Take: Doesn't claim to be anything other than an epic fantasy adventure and delivers with a unique setting and characters.

Confessions of a D-List Supervillian by Jim Bernheimer

My Take: They don't write super-hero stories like this one. Witty and an nearly impossible not to smile, if not laugh, at and with Calvin Matthew Stringel, better known as Mechani-Cal. A D-List Supervillain who has to step up as a good guy and save the world--and that's just the beginning of his troubles.

Political Satire:

Loose Cannons and other Weapons of Mass Political Destruction by J.D. Elder

My Take: Combines politicians and pro wrestling, for a zany adventure that has a solid political message as a backdrop.

Science Fiction:

Defenders of the Covenant by Angie Lofthouse

My Take: A little more than your average SF, retaking the world from alien conquerors. Has a strong faith/religious element.


  1. Thanks, Terry. The others look great!

    1. They are. I've read and enjoyed each one listed.

  2. Terry,

    I just finished Confessions based on this recommendation. It was fantastic. Good call!

    I'll put Defenders on my to read list; at $7.99, it's a little above what I'm interested in paying at the moment.



    1. Brian,
      Glad you enjoyed Confessions of a D-List Supervillain. Jim Bernheimer did a great job. If you get Defenders of the Covenant, hope you enjoy it as much.