Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Few Photos from the Ohioana Book Festival and Reception


At Table with Books on Display

I had a wonderful time meeting readers and a few new authors at the 2013 Ohioana Book Festival. It was my third event with the Ohioana Library and I would love to be invited back again.

The only drawback, and it was a minor one, was the small amount of table space (each author got half of a six foot by 18 inch table). But I've worked with that many times before and considering the number of authors invited, well, I'd rather have less table space and 80+ authors.

Kathy & Me at the at the Reception

The reception was again held at the Governor's Mansion, which is a really neat place to tour. My wife, Kathy, was again able to accompany me. Every time it has been an enjoyable event, with a little food and the chance to meet and talk to fellow authors and the staff at the Ohioana Library.

While touring on our own we found the stone paver for the county where we live (Champaign) along one of the garden walkways.

The Den in the (Ohio) Governor's Mansion