Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Published Articles from 2004 to 2012

Below are the articles I've had published at various places on the internet over the years:     
Click on the titles to link to the article (for those with links still available):

Firearms in Fiction (published 1/24/12--Seventh Star Press)

The RPG Experience to Writing a Novel  (published 1/1/12--Mythic Scribes)

Writing a Sequel (published 12/27/11--Indie Book Blog)

The Best "How To" Books for Writers (published 11/4/11--My First Book)
A Challenge in Writing Fantasy Short Stories (published 7/25/11--Disquieting Visions)

Goal: A Sequel that Compliments while Truly Standing Alone (published 3/7/11--Disquieting Visions)

Uploading Submission Etiquette (published 1/22/10--at Murder-by-4)

Writing a Novel Synopsis (published 10/31/09)

On Waiting: Suggestions for Writers (published 6/30/09)

Interview with Marta Stephens (published 9/28/08)

Don't Hesitate to Offer a Critique (published 7/27/08)

Short Fiction Writer: What League are You in? (published 6/30/07) 

Seven Common Character Types (published 9/24/06)

Interview with Sandra Kring (published 8/27/06)

Ten Rules of Capitalization for Fiction Writers (published 7/29/06)

Direct vs. Indirect Characterization (published 4/22/06)

Five Considerations Before Joining a Crit Group (published 6/18/05)

Never Learned Grammar? (published 2/18/05)

Are You Really Writing? (part 1) (published 12/8/04)
Are You Really Writing? (part 2)
(published 12/8/04)

Dialogue Basics (published 10/28/04)


  1. Great list. I'll have to go through all of these. "What League are You In" was an article which really helped me during the submission of short stories. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Not a problem, Cher. Glad some of my articles proved useful to you.