Monday, September 23, 2013

Now with Burn Notice over...

I don't watch a lot of series television shows. The one I've recently watched, Burn Notice, had its season finale a short while back. A decent ending. It seemed rushed, like the last week they were trying to tell the last 90 minutes worth in a 60 minute time frame.

A especially appreciated the way Sam and Jesse picked up, working together as a team where the bigger team left off, helping those in need. Maybe because it was mainly Bruce Campbell that brought me to watching the show and Sam Axe remained my favorite character in it.

If you've not seen Burn Notice, it's on Netflix, and I think the DVDs are pretty inexpensive, especially the first few seasons. As I said, good action, and most of the time you won't get all of the twists in the episode and storylines, which is good.

I did try the novels to fill in but was disappointed. It was sort of like if you watched soap operas and the regular stars had stand-in actors. They just didn't quite fit. And the author had a political agenda that he pushed sometimes in less that subtle ways which I found annoying, especially since the TV program didn't even address that area.

Being busy and not having a lot of spare time, it has to be a top notch series to keep me coming back. I think good storylines with solid characters and chemistry between them is important. A good story arc is key too, even though individual episodes don't always have to do a lot to push that forward.

Other programs that I would fall into this category (for me):

Firefly (although it ended more than a bit too soon, but Serenity helped some with that)
Stargate SG1 (not as good without Colonel Jack O'Neill)
Babylon 5 (except for the 5th season)
Highlander (sometimes the storyline arc was a little weak)

Of course, there was Married with Children. It doesn't fall into the story arc criteria, but who doesn't like Al Bundy?--at least a little bit :)

In any case, I'll be sort of watching for that next one to come around. Until then, I guess there are DVDs, reruns and Netflix.


  1. Fortunately, the new season of White Collar starts soon - I feel it's far better than Burn Notice with it's whiney lead. [I always thought he shoulda been calling for his Mommy all the time].

    And, I cannot wait for the return of Justified, just about one of the grittiest most interesting stories on the Boob Tube.

    1. I've heard good things about Justified. This encourages me further to check it out.

  2. Might have to check out Burn Notice. I've moved away from Cable, pinching pennies, lol, and am now with Hulu, catching up on past shows I've never seen. Heroes was wonderful and Lost is great. Catching the last episode of Lost today and will need to find something else. As Hulu isn't the greatest, might be switching to Netflix.

    1. I don't watch Netflix a lot. They have some decent stuff on it. More series stuff than movies.