Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Captain America Sort of Parallels Security Specialist Krakista Keesay

My soon to be released science fiction novel Relic Tech was written long before The Avengers was released. Even so, there are some parallels between Captain America and Security Specialist 4th Class Krakista Keesay.

As in the video below, Captain America has some firm ideas about how things should be and he's willing to step forward to enforce or uphold those beliefs, even when outmatched. A similar trait of Specialist Keesay, even though many of his notions aren't quite so high-minded or noble as Captain America's.

In addition, the reference to Captain America being "a man out of time" rings true with Specialist Keesay as well: A man serving aboard a space-faring transport, serving as part of the security team, yet counting on equipment and technology that was cutting edge in the late 20th Century. Although this leaves him at a disadvantage, Kra is rarely deterred, especially when he has a trick or two up his sleeve.

As an aside, my younger daughter's favorite movie is The Avengers. I've teased her on occasion that she wants a hat like Loki's, which she vehemently denies. And the title "Reindeer Games" issued by Iron Man when addressing Loki at the end of the clip--well, my daughter thinks its funny but definitely doesn't think it's a cool nickname for her.

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