Friday, February 28, 2014

Where Have I Been/What Have I Been Doing?

Readers of Up Around the Corner,

I'd hoped to be a little more active here this past week, but I've been busy. Some author related activities:

  • I just recently finished proofing files for the audiobook version of Relic Tech.
  • I am working on finishing edits/revisions to Soul Forge to turn into my publisher for editing
  • I am working on proofing audiobook files for Genre Shotgun.
  • Trying to do a little marketing here and there to keep things going.
  • Spent an hour or two last night reading and finding out more details about the changes at ACX, where my audiobooks distributed. Nothing will be noticed by the listenership (at least not immediately), but some not so positive changes for authors/publishers/narrators.

Teaching-wise, I am about to begin another round of essay grading, which requires a lot of my time and attention (which is why I am pushing through as hard as I can the work on Soul Forge). Then there's the end of the year crunch, especially with senior students.

The e-course grading has picked up in volume as students try to finish before the end of the year.

Fortunately Village Council responsibilities have remained steady. Not a lot of major issues that need researched at the moment, but being part of the Planning Committee, there is a lot of reading for building and zoning guidelines as there is a major project (well, major for my town) that is gearing up.

There's always family and church and some minor things, like getting a cracked windshield taken care of and meetings at school with my daughter, etc. Only so much time in the day (and night).

I am working on lining up some more authors to be interviewed and a few others thing for the blog here, plus I owe a few online friends an article or two.

Just figured you readers would appreciate an update.

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