Sunday, April 6, 2014

AM Radio Throwback


My 1970s Vintage Radio
This radio was a Christmas gift to me in the late 1970s. Yes, it's that old.

I can remember clicking it on to listen to a five minute sports show "Mitch in the Morning" while getting dressed for school.

Over the years I've listened to it while working outside on the porch or in the yard. No, its volume isn't great, so I have to be close, with no major noises like lawn mowers or hedge trimmers nearby.

I can still recall lying on the top bunk in my bedroom, with the radio on my dresser, listening to the Detroit Tigers playing the NY Yankees...with Ron Guidry on the mound or Thurman Munson up to bat.

The old red radio still has a main use. When the power goes out, it goes on.

My wife laughs, as do my daughters. But it still serves a function, and it isn't broken, so why throw it away or 'upgrade' to something more modern? (I'll post more on this topic soon).


  1. :) I've never seen anything like this. It's very neat that you still have this from childhood. I'm pretty sure I don't have anything from those days, a few photos, but no possessions. Well, I do have poems and writings from my childhood, guess that was the most important thing to me. :)

    1. Cher,
      Poems and writings are neat. I have very few pictures, but little things like the radio. Guess everybody's situation is different.