Sunday, June 22, 2014

Some Stumbling Blocks Writing a Sequel after a Decade

I began researching and writing Relic Tech well over a decade ago, teaching myself how to write a novel as I went

I kept a lot of notes on space travel and how to categorize the ships based upon technology, which affects how fast they move, combined with how effectively they can condense space, for calculating for interstellar travel times, time dilation, etc.

One thing I didn't do is catalogue the various weapon types mounted upon the various ships. My memory still retains the general idea, but I'm determined to remain consistent, so that means searching through Relic Tech, as I write the first draft of the sequel (working title: Relic Rescue), and jotting down the information.

Searching key words in Relic Tech makes it easy--far easier than it would be otherwise, and knowing that I was consistent back so many years ago gives me confidence as I move forward.

Another frustration is a website that I thought was pretty neat. It went off line about 4 years ago. The website showed the night sky, which you could pan across using your mouse--simulating the night sky rotating past, and locate exo-planets From there, just click on identifying circle for specifics--name of the star, distance from Earth in light years, etc. More details could be found elsewhere on the internet, but that website just made it easier to make sure I was setting up the travel distances between colonies and outposts more accurate.

If anyone knows of a similar website, post a comment or email me a link!

Anyway, moving forward, just hitting a few speed bumps.


  1. Just read relic tech and was hooked from the offset. First thing I did when I finished was try to hunt down a sequel. Il be watching for news.

    1. Robin Cook,
      Thank you for reading. I work on the sequel every evening that I am able, and on weekends too.