Thursday, July 24, 2014

Author Michael J Sullivan's Perspective on Kindle Unlimited

For those readers who don't own a Kindle, or purchase ebooks from Amazon, this may not make any difference--at least not in the short term. For Kindle owners, Kindle Unlimited might be beneficial. It's been described as the Netflix of ebooks.

Amazon's unveiling of its new sales strategy, Kindle Unlimited, came as a surprise to just about everyone, and it may have a long reaching impact on many author careers, especially those who self-publish, or are published through a small or medium size press.

Briefly: Kindle Unlimited is where a reader can borrow any number of books that are available for a fee of $9.99 per month--for now the first month is free.

In any case, bestselling author Michael J. Sullivan has weighed in on the issue, offering his view. In my experience his opinions are well thought out and supported with relevant facts/statistics and experience.

Here's his article. I think it might be worth a read: Kindle Unlimited’s Two-Tier System Makes Some Authors Second-Class Citizens

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