Friday, October 24, 2014

Late to the Game: The Guild

More often than not, it seems like I'm late to the game when it comes to some really neat things. For example, I didn't see the first episode of Firefly until it'd already been cancelled.

A most recent example is my discovery of The Guild while clicking through recommendations on Netflix--looking for something to sort of listen to/watch, while grading mundane fill in the blank, short answer questions.

What is The Guild?  It's a series that focuses on a group of online fantasy role players, all of which are offbeat, odd, quirky and entertaining as all get out. It's witty, funny, fast paced, great dialogue and character interaction, with the story moving from short episode to short episode. If you don't laugh at what sometimes appears to be an oncoming train wreck of humorous turmoil...I don't know what to say if you don't. Your sense of humor is just different than mine.

Here's a peak of the first episode that introduces the main characters...some of the language and such isn't rated G.

Anyway, the show has been around for a while. I just missed it. Maybe because I watch much less TV (less time to write if I do). Give the show a try...Netflix, DVD, Youtube, etc.

More info can be found here: The Guild


  1. I've heard of The Guild, but never watched it. Maybe I should make a plan to. :-)

    1. The link has the videos you can watch for free, Misha.