Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 Ohioana Book Festival Follow Up

Enjoyed a great Saturday at the 2015 Ohioana Book Festival. It was held at a different, more expansive venue, which benefited both visitors/customers and authors.

I shared a table with Brian McClellan, a pretty sharp fellow who writes 'Flintlock Fiction'. I met plenty of readers, signed a few books, and enjoyed particpating as a panelist.

Me and Brian McClellan
Governor's Mansion (Ohio)
The reception at the Governor's Mansion was a little chilly as the event was under a tent outside, but there were heaters and good conversation to match the food.

Below are a few pics with captions.

Between the Book Festival and Reception Kathy and I stopped at Graeters
Kathy and Me in the Mansion
Bookshelf at the Mansion with 'Song of Napalm' on it


  1. Is it sad that we look for "Song of Napalm" every year? lol!

    1. It's an odd title, but someone selected it to be on the shelf, and to keep it here, right? :)

  2. Looks like a beautiful venue. Hope you had a great time. :-)