Monday, March 28, 2016

And so It Begins...again...

Okay, not actually today, but on Saturday, I began the seemingly endless process. Not my favorite pastime, but part of home ownership :)


  1. Been going on already for awhile here....

    1. We keep having weather changes. In the 60s, then last night, severe storms. Today, dropped to below freezing for a while. But the grass still finds a way. Texas, a little more southern in latitude, I can see it having started already ;)

  2. That was last week here. And maybe the week before....

    Severe weather is back in the forecast for Wednesday. Some of the weather models seem to indicate a very active severe weather season here which is NOT a good thing.

  3. The good thing is there remains no sign of souled zombies, giant spiders, or dragons. But, the mosquitoes are huge and kind of glow oddly....