Saturday, June 17, 2017

Follow Up from Westerville Presentation on World Building

Information and a few quick photos from the event:

Due to a large reception for a new director at the Westerville Public Library (scheduled long after I was scheduled to present) I presented in the Staff Lounge, which worked out perfect for the 14 that attended. Most were writers, but one attendee was a film maker and one enjoyed learning about new things and had attended my previous presentation at the library.

Discussing Matte vs. Glossy Covers
Great questions and discussion. Those attending admitted I kept them engaged and was informative and helpful. That was the goal!

Speaking afterwards with Ms. Huffman, the Program and Community Engagement Director, we laid out a plan for a presentation engagement again next summer :)

It's an awesome library, and they have a lot going on for their patrons and the local community.

Scrawling a Signature on a copy of Genre Shotgun

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