Friday, November 24, 2017

An Opportunity via David Wood (for Writers and Readers)


David Wood is the successful author of the Dane Maddock Series. In addition, he is the owner of Gryphonwood Press, and host of the podcast Wood on Words. He also co-authored with me, Rock House and Cavern.

David has an opportunity to help out some students (many of them financially disadvantaged).

As rewards, for readers you can be a named character or a character tied up in the plot of a future novel (plus a signed copy of the book), steeply discounted ebooks, and more.

As rewards for authors, marketing, promoting and mentoring opportunities.

Below is a video that explains the donation project:

Here is a direct link to the fundraising effort, with details on rewards:

Link: Get My Daughter's Cheer Squad to State!
Opportunity ends December 15th

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