Sunday, June 24, 2018

My Interview at Dueling Ogres (Episode 157)

Hey Folks,

If you have a short bit, check out my interview with the Dueling Ogres, were we discuss books and writing (of course) which includes LitRPG, Robert Bevan (Critical Failures), Jim Bernheimer, Amber Cove Press, CT Phipps, Kevin Hearne, and more.  Also, some interesting apartment hunting tales, a shot figuring out the current political, and (of course) more.

Here's the direct link to the website and the podcast episode: Dueling Ogres Episode 157

Here's the Youtube link: Dueling Ogres Episode 157/Youtube

Here's a link to the Dueling Ogres Facebook Page, where you can leave comments (that will be read in the next episode--unless you ask them not to): Dueling Ogres Podcast FB

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