Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Philosophy of Education

With the school year just about to begin, I figured I'd post my view of the educational process:

Every student has potential. It is a teacher's job to help every student tap into that potential. It is every student's responsibility to engage and participate.

Every student has the ability to squander that potential. It is a teacher's job to do all that they can to discourage that from happening. It is the student's responsibility to be sure that it does not happen.

No student has the right to interfere with another student's right to achieve their potential. It is the student's prerogative to assist fellow students in achieving their potential.

It is the teacher's responsibility to present the who? what? where? and when? Then it is the teacher's responsibility to guide the students into learning to determine and answer the hows? whys? and what ifs? It is the student's responsibility to strive to achieve, comprehend, and master the knowledge and skills.

Attending a four year college is not a requirement to become a successful, happy and productive member of society. There are other avenues. That is why I work at a joint vocational (career technical) high school.


  1. A very good philosophy...I wish every teacher and student would apply it.

  2. Reinforcement from parents are needed. School shouldn't be a childcare center. Parents need to be involved with what their children are learning and doing in school. Teachers go out of their way to help students, so if your darling little angel is having problems, don't be too quick to jump to their defense, because that little darling may not be such an angel after all.

  3. Author by Design,

    I do my best to apply it...not always 100% successful. Many students do as well, but not alwasy as many as we might hope.

  4. Sandy Daley,

    I believe you are correct. Parental support and involvement is a vital component to a child's success.