Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gust Front and Farmville?



What do they have in common? Well, while I play Farmville, I usually listen to audiobooks. Currently I am listening to John Ringo's second novel in the Posleen War series.

Some people suggest that playing games like Farmville is a waste of time. Well, maybe so, but a lot of things people do are not overly productive, right? Well, what's wrong with listening to a book at the same time?

One thing audiobooks do is provide an alternate version of story the story in print. (Yes, I have read Gust Front twice). For me, beyond entertainment, listening to audiobooks helps me improve pacing and dialogue in my own writing.


  1. I think it is a great idea to listen to a book, and get something else out of the experience besides the story. I've only listened to audio books on long car trips, and that hasn't been for several years. With both listening and reading, the story always pulls me in. I guess if I read a book over and over again, I could get some of the technical writing from it.

  2. Sandy, reading for enjoyment is important, I think. But if you really like a book, studying and figuring out why you like it--what works, can really help a writer,