Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Local Places: Hocking Hills State Park

My older daughter and I made our second annual trip to Hocking Hills State Park here in Ohio. Pretty neat place. Our trip was delayed as my daughter had injured her ankle earlier in the summer. Make no mistake, there's lots of hiking, climbing and all around traversing oddly shaped rocks and ledges and near ancient steps carved from the rock. We visited on a Tuesday, avoiding crowds of visitors.

We mainly explored Old Man's Cave, Rock House and Conkles Hollow.

Included are few of many pics. My skills with the camera are anything but legendary--what would've been really really cool ones didn't turn out.

It was still early in the morning, for example, when we visited Rock House. Adding that it was cloudy, pictures in the huge cave-like formation was kind of difficult.
It's truly a great experience. If you've not visited Hocking Hills State Park and ever get the chance to, don't pass it up!

Oh, and for you writers, a great place for ideas and settings.


  1. I am just now getting back into are way better than I am. The pictures are beautiful!

  2. Stunning pictures, I'd love to visit that park

  3. Very cool looking pictures. Will any of the caves be in your new upcoming book?

  4. J. Kaye, if I knew what I was doing with a camera, and maybe had a better camera, the pics would be awesome. It helps having good scenery. Good luck getting back into photos.

    Nicloe MacDonald, there are some cool places way over here in Ohio, USA. I've seen on Television that there are some really cool places over where you live too.

    Sandy Daley, in answer to your question: Kind of. There, hope that clears things up with your question. :)

  5. Nice pictures. It looks so lovely. I love to hike. I injured my ankle too this spring, so I haven't been hiking much this summer. Hope your daughter's is feeling better.

  6. Angie, my daughter is better. Back to hiking and Karate. Hope you can get back out and about soon, if you already haven't.