Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Crocodile Hunter and The Turtleman

Steve Irwin, "The Crocodile Hunter"

I kind of wonder what Steve Irwin would've thought about Ernie Brown Jr., the Turtleman, from Call of the Wildman.

I think Steve Irwin would've thought the Turtleman is okay. He works to rescue and save wildlife, and is just a bit nutty, like Irwin was. Nothing like watching the Turtleman catch a racoon bare-handed.

I'm not sure The Call of the Wildman will last more than a couple seasons, but it's interesting enough.


  1. I liked Steve Irwin. Thought he pushed the envelop a bit too much, like the time he hel his infant child up as bait for a croc...but, overall, his intentions seemed noble and he certainly made learning about different species fun.

  2. Yes, Steve Irwin did push the edge, and he did bring attention to species and situations that would have otherwise been ignored or remain unrecognized.

  3. steve irwin was 10X as badass than this dramaqueen

    1. Steve certainly went after bigger critters, but I am not sure I'd identify the Turtleman as a drama queen.