Monday, June 25, 2012

Domestic Divas at the Farmer's Market

Even as a kid growing up in Toledo, on occasion my mother would visit the farmer's market. Back then, I mostly remember produce: tomatoes, melons, corn, cucumbers, etc. The farmer's markets I see now have more variety, although still some sort of produce or plant product remains the mainstay.

 The 'Domestic Divas'
Pam Weldy & Julie Roeth
I visited the Farmer's Market in Piqua, Ohio this past week to drop off a flash drive with pictures on it to a friend, Pam Weldy--one of the Domestic Divas. She and her cohort, Julie Roeth, were busy plying their wares of soap, herbs, daylilies, knitted household items--you name it (vegetables will come later in the season).

Are they dedicated, you ask? It was well over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, but there was an occasional breeze kicking up to take the heat off the parking lot's black top where the market is set up.

Herbs and other plants

It's interesting to look around, good prices and the selection is never 100% the same from week to week.

Some of the other wares the Domestic Divas sell:

Knitted Items
(They do take special orders)

Lotions and Balms

Flip Flops and more Scarves

Daylilies and Other Plants
Where and when this event takes place?

Where: The Southwest Corner of Spring Street and West Ash
     (Where U.S. Rt. 36 splits from SR 66 and 185)
When: Summer, Thursdays, 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm
      (although the Domestic Divas won't be there July 5th)



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