Monday, June 11, 2012

A few Lower Traffic Places I Visit Online

While there hundreds (if not thousands) of writer and reader focused forums out there, I think there's one or two where everyone can fit in and find a home.  While I'm a member and contribute to a few large member/high-traffic ones, here are a couple smaller ones that I find interesting and so might you (and might benefit for a little additional traffic):

Fiction Factor's Forum discusses writing of all genres with a core of active members.

Mythic Scribes focuses on fantasy. Has some very interesting discussions crop up.

Audio For Books goes in spurts of activity. Focuses on audiobooks but not exclusively.

Bibliophorum open to a variety of topics on reading and writing with a core group of active members.

Authors by Design is where my crit group (Elysian Fields) is based. Goes in spurts with some solid members. (have to join to view--keeps spam down)

Morgen Bailey's Writing Forum is a forum hosted by a very active writer, Morgen Bailey, with a variety of topics that occasionally crop up.

My screen name varies between R-Tech and TWErvin2, if you decide to pop in to look around.

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