Friday, August 24, 2012

Too Many Gadgets and Junk Going On

Maybe it's just me--or maybe not, but I find it frustrating when I visit some blogs that take 'forever' to load, even on newer computers. I will note here that I have one older computer (mine where I do most of my writing) and a newer one (my wife's) that I utilize for visiting the Internet and reading blogs.

Once the blog page opens, it takes what seems like half an eternity to load. I cannot scroll down, or begin to really read the article or the item of interest that attracted my interest. And in truth, I am a pretty patient fellow, but there is no reason it should take ten or fifteen seconds (or longer) to load all of the links, gadgets, and other content along the margins--stuff I will never look at, let alone click on to further explore. Does anybody? And then if I have to scroll a bit, there's a delay. Heck, sometimes I do open another window and do something else so I don't have to idly sit and wait.

Yes, that content all has a place. But there are some blogs where the article ends, even a long one with several pictures included, and there still remains 2/3 of the bar left to scroll down to see all of the pictures, thumbnails, links and 'stuff that might be of interest' to blog visitors?

Some blogs even have a lot of that 'content' center top, and you have to scroll down (after waiting for the content to load) to get to the articles, interviews, reviews, etc.

Maybe it's because I regularly delete cookies and other items stored on my computer. Maybe it's because I am too impatient, or maybe some bloggers should rethink what they have on their blog pages because, in truth, what's there might be interesting and I might want to read, but rather than wait, I just click on to the next blog or website of potential interest.

What I have found is that I tend to visit those cluttered blogs less and less often. But again, that may just be me. And, while they lose one regular visitor, maybe their numbers are climbing.

Note: Yes I do have a long column, mainly left margin bottom for labels. But it sure as heck doesn't take forever to load that.


  1. Hi Terry- I just came over from Morgen's forum. Looks like you write fantasy.

    1. Hey, Sharkbytes,

      Thanks for popping over. Yes, I write fantasy, and in a few other genres.