Saturday, November 9, 2013

Over Half a Million Words of My Fiction in Print

With the publication of Relic Tech, I now have over 500,000 words of fiction in print.

Flank Hawk (129,000 words)
Blood Sword (128,000 words)
Genre Shotgun (65,000 words)
Relic Tech (184,000 words)

Total = 506,000 words

Each of the thirteen stories collected in Genre Shogun had been previously published in various magazines, ezines and anthologies.

Besides Soul Forge (my work in progress, currently at 110,000 words) I have outlines in various stages of development (including initial chapters) for six more novels. So, before 2017, I hope to have over a million words in print...or that's the goal.

For that to happen, I need to write, of course. But I also need to write quality words so that publishers, like Gryphonwood Press, will be willing to invest in them and you, the reader, will be willing to read them.

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