Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Submission to the Iron Druid Chronicles Wallpaper Contest

Kevin Hearne is running a contest for signed copies of his novel Shattered.

Entrants are to use a quote from one of his Iron Druid works (novel, novella or short story), mixed with pictures or images as they see fit. If you might be interested, you can find the details HERE.

In any case, below is my effort. I knew what quote I wanted to use--it's one of my favorites. After a little thought I knew what I wanted to do. Had some of the materials, but had to borrow someone's porch and chairs.

Then, after taking the picture, I had to stretch my Photoshop skills, getting the pic to the proper size and also learning how to insert text into an image. I could've resorted to creating the pic with text in PowerPoint, but the photo would've lost much of it's resolution.

We'll see what happens. Checking out Kevin Hearn's Facebook page, there's already a good number of entries...

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