Sunday, August 16, 2015

River City Comic Con 2015 Round up


A quick report from River City Comic Con 2015.

Had a great time meeting readers, gamers, artists, fellow authors and more. Below are some pics of the setup and some random folks, and also some of the readers who picked up copies of my novels.

My Table Set-up

View from My Table in the Ballroom

Grumpy Cat

Brandon (of Dueling Ogres fame) and Me

Crystal with her First Civilization's Legacy Series

Kraig with his copy of Flank Hawk

Catherine and her copy of Flank Hawk

Stan and his copy of Relic Tech

Nathan and this copies of Relic Tech and Flank Hawk

James and Jodie
with their copies of
Flank Hawk and Blood Sword

Tiffany/Loki and her copy of Relic Tech

Brandon with his copies of Flank Hawk and Genre Shotgun

Angie with her First Civilization's Legacy Series


  1. Looks like you made quite a few sales. I'm glad you had fun. :-)

    1. I did pretty well. Not every reader felt photogenic enough for a quick pic. That's okay. Even better than doing well with book sales, was that I met some really neat readers and authors and artists.