Thursday, December 31, 2015

Plans (Goals) for 2016

Well, I'm not a person much for New Year Resolutions. But I do like to set goals.

For 2016, I would like to see two novels reach publication, and be well into working on a third.

Since Relic Hunted is planned for release in January 2016, and I have a start on Jack's Tale (working title), it may be possible. I have plenty of ideas/outlines for the next First Civilization's Legacy Series, Crax War Chronicles and several other novels not related to my two established series, including Jack's Tale.

However, with my increased work load (since 2010, my student numbers have increased by 53%--very heavy for an English teacher grading essays and other long assignments), and other work related tasks I'm involved in, plus family and church and everything else, I'll have to be even more efficient with my time.

But, goals are things to shoot for, and what I hope to accomplish is attainable.