Thursday, January 7, 2016

Swirlliam aka Swirly Passed Away Tonight

A sad night at the Ervin household tonight as one of our loyal buddies, Swirlliam passed away after a valiant struggle against cancer.

Swirly was a good cat, although sometimes aloof. He wasn't the toughest cat in the neighborhood. His pal Romeo would sometimes watch as neighborhood cats came around and start trouble with Swirly. He'd let Swirly fend for himself, sometimes winning, but more often not going to be on the winning side--then Romeo would jump in and protect his fried.

Swirlliam and Romeo have been the best of buds as cats. Sometimes they'd annoy each other by getting the coveted perch along the garage's side door to enjoy the sun, but most of the time they'd chase and play and try to catch a bird or two.

Swirly and Romeo

Swirly "Doing Better"
There's the one time Swirly came out on the losing end with a starling chasing him across the alley and into the yard. Romeo watched with interest--if only a cat could roll its eyes. One thing Swirly did love to do was chase butterflies. Not exactly a 'manly' pastime, I suppose, but he did prove on occasion, as evidenced by the picture to the right, that he could do a little better.

Anyway, he came to us as a stray about seven years ago and became a part of the family. He'll be sorely missed. His buddy Romeo, and the dogs which he got along with too, Maddy and Penny, got to say their good-byes, as did all his human friends.

He'll be burried next to his other cat pal, Specter, who passed away this past summer.

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