Monday, February 15, 2016


It’s me, Roland Yeomans, again. “Again?” you say, “You were never here before.”

Ah, not in your suburb of the multi-verse maybe.   But in mine, I have been here many, many times. 

Every decision that could have been made at each step of your way has really already been made, creating its own string of consequences.

Anything that can happen has happened in a multitude of separate universes.  Life is a universal “Choose Your Own Adventure.”

That kind of thinking is the springboard for Alternate Histories, Historical Fantasies, and Steampunk.
Speaking of which – where exactly is the punk in Steampunk?

Punk Music actually –
You know: urban, raw, ugly, obnoxious, disillusioned, and disenchanted four-member rock bands who literally didn't know how to play their instruments, but decided they liked the constant stream of paychecks and pretty groupies, so learned to clean up their acts and play better.

Two popular authors who claimed to be writing steampunk were Bruce Sterling and William Gibson. Their dystopian Victorian novel was The Difference Engine. 

Their world was dystopic enough that you wouldn't want to live there, but the computer hackers who did were usually very "cool.”

So, that being said, I chose my own adventure in the thrilling days of yesteryear.

Man, I can hear those groans out there.  Yes, I am now going to shamelessly pander my novel set to be published in March.

But don’t go anywhere, or you’ll miss the SEX.

You betcha: SEX.

Hey, this is a honeymoon tale of intrigue, betrayal, danger, and SEX aboard the Xanadu, the first Air/Steamship sailing for Paris and the unholy lands in 1867.

What is the theme of this novel?  “My back; your knife.  My gun; your head.”

What do an insane Abraham Lincoln, a vampiric Benjamin Franklin, Captain Nemo, and a being thinking himself Lucifer all have in common?

The death of a Texas Ranger who has already cursed himself by marrying an immortal (No, not immoral!) evil empress of an alien race hiding in the shadows of this world.

What is the name of this fabulous tome you ask?  Even if you haven’t asked, I am going to give it to you anyway.

Board the Xanadu for the adventure of a lifetime when it sets sail in March.  Cost of passage?  Just $9.99.


  1. Thanks for letting me visit and talk a bit, Terry! :-)

    1. Not a problem, Roland. Heck, in addition to a quick entertaining read, the video offers an educational opportunity!

    2. I'm glad you enjoyed my little endeavor to be light-hearted yet give a little info along the way. :-)

  2. From multi-verse to Steampunk, to Xanadu, gotta' love it, and I do. Is Bobby DeNiro driving the ship? lol. Love your work Roland, I read all you will write in another time and place, and you were as well known as Walt Whitman, and Samuel Clemens, Tolkein was having trouble getting past his tutor's, words of wisdom; ie Your Self...!

    1. If only! Robert DeNiro wanted too much money! Wasn't STARDUST a fun movie? Thanks for following me over here.

    2. Mojave Ned, thanks for stopping by and seeing what Roland had to share.

  3. Hi Terry and Roland - the story will be a good mix - as are Roland's posts ... always reminding us of times forward, and times past - pearls of wisdom that Roland won't let us forget ..

    Cheers Hilary

    1. What a nice thing to say of my writing. The ghost of Mark Twain just swatted me aside the head with his hat to keep me humble. "I'm the genius, there, son. You're just the under-study!" Mark is like that. :-)

      Thanks for visiting, Hilary.

    2. Hilary,
      Thanks for clicking over to see what Roland had to say about his upcoming release. Yes, I agree that Roland's posts are a good mix and interesting reads. :)

  4. Sounds like an interesting storyline.

    1. Thanks for stopping in and reading Roland's post, Steven Rose Jr.

    2. Steven, as Terry wrote so long ago, thanks for liking my post. :-)