Monday, February 8, 2016

Relic Hunted Audiobook Contracted and in Production

Just got to preview the first chapter of Relic Hunted's audiobook version, narrated by James Conlan.

For me as an author, it's a special treat to have someone read your novel to you, especially someone with James Conlan's talent and experience. FYI: He narrated Relic Tech, and Soul Forge, as well as a number of other Gryphonwood Press titles, plus many others.

Don't know the exact date of release, but from experience, once James Conlan is on a project, he works through it pretty quickly. With Relic Hunted being about 145,000 words, it's shorter than Relic Tech, but longer than any of the First Civilization's Legacy Series novels.

Will keep you up to date as I learn more, about date of release and any other information.

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