Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Ohioana Book Festival Results

Had a wonderful time at the 2010 Ohioana Book Festival. Met some great authors, met a host of interesting readers, and sold all but one of my copies of Flank Hawk.

Then, after the Festival, Kathy and I attended the reception at the Governor's Mansion. It's a really interesting place, many neat paintings and a wonderful garden. It was a bit chilly outside, but great conversation with some fellow authors and their spouses and friends.


  1. Sounds like fun. Glad you sold so many books!

  2. Good to hear you enjoyed yourself and sold all those books! Way to go.

  3. There was a steady stream of librarians and folks who just love to read books passing through the festival all day. Had some great conversations with both folks who purchased a copy of Flank Hawk and a whole bunch who did not.