Tuesday, May 25, 2010

D.S. Sault's Blurb for Flank Hawk

"Creative genius takes many forms, Flank Hawk being a literary example. The story stretches fantasy and speculative science fiction to new levels as beasts, magic, Nazi war technology and superhuman beings combine in one well-crafted tale.

But, the real genius of Flank Hawk is the author’s storytelling. The main character, Krish, begins as a lowly farm worker and grows with each life-altering experience as he struggles through battles, builds new relationships and wrestles with difficult decisions. Readers witness the conflict through his eyes in a masterful display of character development. Flank Hawk is a must read!"

-- D.S. Sault, author of The Last Human War


  1. You are receiving some great reviews. Of course, it was a good story and written well, so it is to be expected.

  2. It's nice to be recognized by a distinguished peer.