Friday, September 26, 2014

Doing it Old School: An Index Card

Don't get me wrong, I have more files and bits of information saved in electronic files tucked within folders within folders than I ever expected (and backed up multiple times and places), and I've learned the clicking pathway to some files so well that I can do it without thinking.

But for me, some thought processes and organizational tasks just work better with a spiral notebook or, better yet, an index card or two. Jotting notes, making changes, solidifying facts and ideas, and the directions that will take my novels--and the characters along with them.

And sometimes, actually most of the time, the refined bits of information get transferred from the index card to an electronic file, as a note or a chart or attached to something previously saved. Often, until it does get transferred, and usually for some time after, relevant index cards are carried around in a pocket, for a reminder, or to be annotated, or to be reflected upon. They also sit next to my computer for quick visual reference as I type.

Just the way I go about it. Maybe not the most efficient method ever devised, but it works for me.

Notes on Condensed Space Travel for
an Exploration Shuttle and a Modified Patrol Gunboat
Based on Previous Research and Information (saved in an electronic chart)


  1. Agree. Sometimes paper is better. :) Between computer files and paper notes, I seem to have a mess. Ha, ha. But, most of it's in my head, the rest is just backup.

    1. I understand about keeping a lot in your head. Sometimes, for me, the notes are a reminder that kick starts some of those things stored there.

  2. Yep, nothing beats writing something out by hand.

    1. I think actually going through the motions helps incorporate the thoughts into not only memory but fitting the info into the overall plotline...smoothing out the storyline in your head. At least for me. So yes, nothing beats writing out by hand!