Friday, September 12, 2014

Sales Stats Update Through July 2014

After doing some totaling,  here is what I'm looking at for overall sales:

Print: 20.4% of sales
Ebook: 71.7% of sales
Audiobook: 7.9% of sales

Comparing those to statistics listed in April 2014 based on Sales through the 1st Quarter of 2014:

Print: 21.4% of sales
Ebook: 73.5% of sales
Audiobook: 5.1% of sales

Trends I see:
The uptick in audio is due to the having the books available in audio. In general, my publisher releases my novels in ebook, followed shortly thereafter in print. Audiobooks become available a little further down the road (the delay due to finding and screening narrators, and then the production process which follows).

They (audiobooks) are currently doing a little better than print editions. Relic Tech's sales in audio have outpaced those of Flank Hawk and Blood Sword. The same is true for ebooks as Relic Tech sells a vastly higher percentage of ebooks as compared to print: (3.5% Print, 76.7% Ebook, 9.8% Audio). I would attribute that to the audience preference for Science Fiction.

Genre Shotgun, the short story collection, is largely reverse when compared to Relic Tech: (11.8% Ebook, 88.2% print). The audiobook version of Genre Shotgun is in production and not yet released. It should be interesting to observe what happens there, as well as the release of Soul Forge in audio, which may kickstart sales of the previous novels in the First Civilization's Legacy Series in audiobook format such that they close in on those of Relic Tech.

One upcoming addition to the sales observation will be the foreign release version of Flank Hawk (in Spanish). It will be released in ebook, and depending on how that goes, print and possibly audio might follow.

My publisher (Gryphonwood Press) is planning some marketing efforts focused on Relic Tech and Flank Hawk, which may alter future sales and trends.

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