Thursday, June 4, 2015

ConCarolinas 2015 Wrap-up

It's taken me a few days longer than I hoped to get this post know, mowing, trimming bushes, Village Council and Planning Commission meetings, and more.

Kathy Goofing Around
Anyway, ConCarolinas 2015 was a great time! Met a lot of interesting people, new readers and some awesome authors.

Even better, I got to share the experience with my wife! Kathleen watched my table while I was away participating on panels.

Creating a Series (panel) Left to Right:
(Editor) Jim Minz, (Authors) Chris Kennedy, Me,
Susan & Clay Griffith, J.F. Lewis

 My Panels:
* Writing for the Next Generation
* Creating a Series
* The Short of It (Short Stories)
* Raising Scientifically Literate Children
* What Genre is This?

In any case, below are some folks in costumes that stopped by my table: