Thursday, June 25, 2015

Revisiting Myles' Pizza Pub in Bowling Green, Ohio

Whenever I or my wife travel through Bowling Green, we try to stop at Myles' Pizza Pub, home of the best pizza anywhere.

I came to learn of the place during my years in college (late 1980s/early 1990s) and it hasn't change--the food. They've remodeled a little while keeping the the same atmosphere.

Anyway, I stopped by the other day after meeting my sister (so my daughter could visit a few days with her cousin in Toledo). Bowling Green, while not meeting in the middle, is a good place for a rendezvous.

To my surprise, Chip Myles was in the back, making pizza. I remembered him from my college days. Sure his hair has gone gray but he looks essentially the same, serious yet smiling. I even got the chance to meet him on the way out, shake hands and exchange a few words.

Yep, I picked up a pizza (with bacon strips and pepperoni of course) for my wife.

Myles Pizza: Left Overs Always Good Cold
 The plan is to meet at Myles' for lunch when I pick my daughter up. Always a wise choice. :)


  1. BG 71 to 75 Driver for Dominoe's and Pisanello's, still friends with 3 former drivers. Sad to say, 'missed out on Myles, but consumed much pizza.

    1. You preceded me by a few years, Dan. Great you're still friends with former co-workers.