Thursday, June 11, 2015

Follow-up: Local Authors Festival in Westerville, Ohio

My 1/2 table at the Book Fair
As anticipated, the Local Author Book Festival at the Westerville Public Library went well. While the table area available to each author was small, it was balanced by the ability of the library to host a large number of authors. That enabled them to better meet the expectations of the library's visitors and patrons. It proved to be a well-organized event, with a friendly and helpful library staff.

Stephen Hines & Michelle Houts
In addition, I met a lot of readers (and got to talk books and authors), some new authors (and some I've crossed paths with a number of times--including Stephen Hines and Michelle Houts), participated on an interesting panel discussing Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction, and signed a few books.

Also, pretty neat was that I ran into Scott Poe, reviewer for the Indie Book Blog. He's reviewed most of my books over the years--and enjoyed them :)

Me and Christine Griffin
Finally, I got to meet in person Christine Griffin, the artist who has created the cover art for all of my novels thus far.

Very cool, if you ask me (and hopefully her)!

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