Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On Waiting: Suggestions for Writers

Today Fiction Factor published my article On Waiting: Suggestions for Writers.

In it I try to address a common question among writers, especially those early in their career--How long do I wait after submitting a piece?

The article addresses mainly short fiction submissions, but it also there is crossover relevant to novel-length fiction.

Give it a read, even if you're not a writer. It may give some insight as to what authors often face because, in the end, there is no clear easy answer.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Initial Blog Post of Author Terry W. Ervin II


This is the initial post for my blog Up Around the Corner.

I've created it in preparation for the publication of my fantasy novel Flank Hawk. In addition to discussing 'things' related to writing, I'll go off on topics I find interesting--and hopefully you, the visitor, will too.

A few brief notes before I move on. My publisher is Gryphonwood Press and my writing website is ervin-author.com. My writing website contains info on everything from short fiction and articles that I've had published to turtles, which I think are pretty cool critters.

Don't hesitate to stop in and visit both. And pop back in here from time to time.