Saturday, May 27, 2017

Efforts to Improve Knowledge and Skills for Writing

I listen to a lot of audiobooks, trying to make efficient use of time while driving or doing mundane work around the house.

Normally I listen to fictional tales, but sometimes I focus on nonfiction, mainly history related to World War II or the U.S. Civil War.

Recently, I've switched up and have been listening to these two titles:

Obviously to assist with refresher on grammar rules and usage

To provide insight and background information for my fantasy novels

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Thunder Wells Audio #1 at Gryphonwood Press

The Audiobook version of Thunder Wells is doing pretty well. It's reached #1 among all the Gryphonwood titles!

It's #1 among Jonathan Waters' list of titles he's narrated as well.

As a Reminder, Where it's Available:

Thunder Wells at Audible

Thunder Wells at iTunes

Thunder Wells at Amazon

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thunder Wells is Now Available in Audio!

Thunder Wells is now available as an Audiobook!

No one ever said surviving an alien invasion would be easy.

Jack Fairbanks made it through the initial wave of attacks, but now the Mawks have seeded the Earth with dozers and crawlers, tracking beasts that crave human flesh and are bent on hunting the remnants of humankind to extinction. 

Joined by Lucia, a hardened urban survivor, Jack finds himself caught up in a secret plan to turn the course of the invasion. Can a college sophomore and a ragtag force of soldiers survive when the Mawks descend from orbit and begin their final assault?

Consider giving Thunder Wells a listen--narrated by Jonathan Waters!

Where Available:

Thunder Wells at Audible

Thunder Wells at iTunes

Thunder Wells at Amazon

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Book of Bones (Audiobook) Available on Youtube

If you're a fan of action/adventure stories, along the lines of Indiana Jones, consider listening to The Book of Bones, by David Wood. If you enjoy it, there is a series and spin offs available, in print, ebook and most audiobook.

While available on Audible and iTunes, The Book of Bones is available on Youtube, narrated by Jeffrey Kafer (episodes/parts being released roughly weekly):

Here are the links:
The Book of Bones Part 1
The Book of Bones Part 2
The Book of Bones Part 3
The Book of Bones Part 4
The Book of Bones Part 5
The Book of Bones Part 6