Friday, June 14, 2019

The State of Publishing: Important for Authors and Readers


An author friend pointed me to this article: Barnes & Noble SOLD: Goliath has Fallen & What This Means for Writers 

Gives a good history of publishing and its impact on authors (and thus, in the end, on readers--but mostly writers at this point), especially in light of Barnes & Noble being purchases (along with all of its debt).

Worth the read...while there might be a glimpse of potential good news, rotten news is nowhere near out of the question...

Give it a read...see what you think.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Fairyed Manuscript Sent to Gryphonwood Press

As an update, this week I sent the manuscript for Fairyed (the 4th installment in the Monsters, Maces and Magic Series) to my publisher. There it'll be assigned an editor, and the process continues.

Drazenka Kimpel has been commissioned to create the cover art! For my novels, her art has been featured on the covers of Outpost, Betrayal and Relic Hunted.

While there is still a lot that has to happen before Fairyed is available, it's definitely getting closer to the final stages before release.